Our Story

CozyPetzShop is a US based online shopping pet store destination for a variety of affordable, unique, innovative, practical home pet products and accessories. Establish in 2019, we started as a small home pet grooming business which grew to a global online store. Pets are amazing additions to your home and family. We love our fur babies and just like children we want the best for them.
We are fully dedicated to ensuring we provide products that focus on overall quality, value, dependability and above all customer satisfaction.
We are constantly at work with our team of global suppliers curating impressive items that consistently seek to exceed consumer expectations. 
We sincerely hope you enjoy our selection as much as we enjoy offering them to you.
Meet CozyPetzShop Pet Ambassadors
Max Snow (Westy/Maltese Mix)
Mitzy (Cockatiel) Sunset 11/13/21
Bo, Tyson, Lee (Red-Eared Sliders) Sunset Bo 3/19/21
Tang, Trio, Sam, Leo, Tiger (African Cichlids)
Our warmest regards?
The CozyPetzShop Family.